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Borders and Pattern Usage

Here are a few button design ideas using borders and patterns. When it comes to designing buttons, simple designs work best!

Button Designer editor windowClose up border exampleBorder examples - print sheet

Are you a band/artist in need of buttons? Well now you can have your very own button artwork without hiring a graphic designer. Here I used borders and icon and simple text and many of the scaling/sizing options provided.

pattern example 1: fleur de lis type pattern example 2: crescent moon and stars pattern example 3: large 5 pointed star pattern example 4: dragon and celtic border pattern example 5: dragon and classic border

Using several of the patterns and borders made available through our free button designing software, I was able to make these beautiful, celestial themed buttons. It was as simple as choosing a graphic to add as a focal point and choosing a conveniently mathing border to compliment the design.

fancy button design with graphic placement rotations and type scaling

For this fancy button design I used a simple provided border to contain the graphic with minimal colour usage for effective impact. I scaled down a graphic provided and dragged it to the side while playing around with the scaling, rotation and colour of the type. To help provide an interesting design for the button.

use custom borders with your photographs to make elegant button designs

Add borders to a photograph to make your button elegant. Here using a photo and a fun border that button designer provided for me I was able to create this neat button design. NOTE: when using a border with your photo make sure to click the circle with the arrow in it that says "bring to front".

Using borders, multiple text layers and an icon

For this button design I used one of the preuploaded borders provided on button designer. Along with this I used an icon of a heart to properly match the border. I used three seperate horizontal lines of text to incorporate three of the number 6 to make a patter like design. However when using horizontal lines of text the maximum amount of lines you can incorporate is 3. I used white on the 6's on purpose so that it would blend into the background of the button.

kaleidoscope button design with stylish border for containment feeling

Here I used the Kaleidoscope effect provided in the button designer Free online software. Instead of focusing on grabbing an image or icon for the focal point I used a border to contain the Kaleidoscope to assist in making the kaleidoscope itself the focal point of the design of the button. Kaledoscopes and borders work together well to make effective designs.

Adding borders, icons and images to your button design using our FREE online button making software

Here I used one of the many patterns available in our button making software to provide a stylish background. Also for this button design I used one of the many provided icons to provide a central image to the buttons design. This image was left black on purpose to provide a silhoutte feel to make it seem like it is distant from the foreground. A border was used to help make the focal image feel distant, almost like the tree is beyond a window you are looking out of. Also making the icon the same colour as the borders edge makes the image blend together well.